Can free spins win actual cash for you?

25 August 2020

They’re a real hook/ closing deal for getting a new player to a casino, often given a different name in the UK now due to regulations (Bonus spins is common). However they are presented to you the concept is near enough always the same. Sign up with us and we’ll give you X amount spins to use for free. Some casino’s require a deposit first to award the free spins, whereas some don’t. The real question that a lot of people wonder is whether you can actually win real withdraw-able money from these spins.


In short, yes, but with so many terms and conditions surrounding the bonuses these days, it is important to understand how and also when it becomes real money.  We’ll also be providing you with our top online casinos to get your bonus spins from.


When do free spins become real money?


We always recommend reading the terms and conditions from all promotions as you’ll find out all the small prints behind these offers. These terms will tell you what value stake your spins are worth and also what games you can play with your spins. Let’s say you took out an offer giving you 100 bonus spins where the terms state each spin is the value of a £0.20 stake. You essentially now have £20.00 to spin on the selected games.


Now it’s time to start spinning, so go ahead and load the game of choice from what is available and spin through your bonus spins. Again, some offers will include a maximum win from these bonus spins so keep an eye out for it.  Once you have finished your spins the winnings will be added to your balance which you can continue to use on the current game, or you can now play another game.


Can I now withdraw my winnings?


Depending on which casino you have taken your free spins on the different your answer is here. However, I’ll give you the most common answer, especially if you’re a UK player. That answer is No. This is because the terms and conditions of your free spins will usually require you to first wager your winnings a certain amount of times before they are available for withdrawal.


Let me run you through a common example of wagering free spins winnings. Firstly, you should always remember how much you initially won from your free spins, as this will need to be multiplied by the wagering requirement. If your free spins won you £5 and your wager requirement is 35x (most common) then you need to successfully wager £175. So, 175 x £1 spins on your slot of choice should do it. Once you have reached your wagering requirement you can then withdraw the winnings. Most casino’s will notify you when this wagering is complete, and some will even move your bonus money to your cash wallet


How to maximise the spins


Firstly, we always recommend using them if they’re an option, because it is a shot of winning free money, which we all love. Make sure you read the terms and conditions first, this way you know which games you can play and also the wager requirement. If your winnings really aren’t anything to write home about and you know you’re going to be stuck wagering just to move onto your real money, just cancel the bonus. Find out what the maximum winnings from free spins is, don’t play anymore if you reach it. Use your winnings on other games, it’s free money after all and now you have extra money to stake at the games you want to play.


Why are free spins a thing?


For those of you who play at land based casino’s then this is definitely new for you. Imagine walking into your casino and being given £10 cash on arrival, doesn’t happen right? It may seem confusing at first but online casino’s are very different with their approach making free spins the norm. There is such big competition online with casino’s that they are all competing for the same players, so promotions like free spins are necessary or they will fall behind.


Casino’s use free spins as a taster, almost a try before you buy kind of thing. They are confident that once you are in, you’ll love their games and services and stick around.


Can I get free spins on my mobile?


If you’re a mobile player, then all you need is an internet connection and you too can take advantage of free spins. Most casinos now are super mobile friendly with many having their own app available for download. Just follow a link on our site to take you to a new casino, register and reap the rewards. Don’t forget to come back and tell us how you got on!


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